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Public vs Private clouds

Every business will go through a stage where they will have to make a decision to which cloud model they want to utilize. It’s your job as the business analyst to review the business requirements and identify the right cloud model to meet these requirements. I admit, it can be very daunting when you first start looking at this…

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BAs embrace Non Functional Requirements

It is often argued that business analysts like functional requirements, so, therefore, they tend to naturally gravitate towards these. On the other hand, the humble non-functional requirements are left in the shadow and rarely given a second thought until the last minute. Doing, this causes many issues when you are about to go live with a system. While the…

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Maps, maps, maps – why you can never have too many

When I first started working as a business analyst back in 2013, there was less of requirement for me to produce the above tools for my team to help them in their understanding of the end users. As, more and more organisations embrace user centric design, there is need for business analysts to be able to produce artefacts that…

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